The 2016 MSI: North America vs. Korea...Darshan vs. Faker

Recently, Riot Games hosted a major eSports tournament

Recently, Riot Games hosted a major eSports tournament, the Mid Season Interventional (MSI), for League of Legends. At MSI, each region is represented by a professional team. Notably, this is the first year North America made it to the final round of an international League of Legends tournament. Unfortunately, they played against, arguably, the greatest team in the existence of League of Legends, Korea. The NA team, CLG, performed exceptionally well, even beating the Korean team during the group stages thanks to Darshan (Olivia’s favorite player), who carried the team. Similarly, SKT’s gameplay solely depended on their star player, Faker. Regrettably, SKT ended up beating CLG 3-0.

One of the highlights of the finals was before the second game began

North America challenged Korea with the exact same conditions as the first game, which North America lost. Clearly, CLG wanted to convey the message that they believe they could have won the previous game. Korea called their bluff, also choosing the same team composition from the previous game, proving that they are the stronger team. Though I am disappointed, I am confident that CLG will come back stronger for their next tournament.

There’s one more thing I want to discuss about the MSI: the aftermath

Because of the loss, many fans were angered with Darshan, claiming that he underperformed throughout the finals. Many even called for him to be kicked off the team; however, even though he made several mistakes during the finals, CLG as a whole underperformed and would not have made it to the finals without Darshan. To improve, CLG should assess what they did wrong and determine how to prey on the opposing team’s weakness. Specifically, CLG needs to figure out how to play against Faker because he won’t disappear from the professional scene anytime soon.